Christopher W. Coleman

Hello, I'm Chris

Application Developer | Security Enthusiast | Designer | Engineer

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Denver-Boulder, Colorado, United States

Christopher W. Coleman

Application Developer | Security Enthusiast | Designer | Engineer


Web Applicationcs
HTML / CSS3 / SASS / jQuery
Database Design
Information Security

Profesional Profile

Life is way too short not to do what you love.


I am lucky enough to break out of the rat race and pursue my passions professionally. I specialize in:

  • Web Application development ("WebDev")
  • Information Security ("InfoSec")
  • Business Automation
  • Data-driven applications
  • Engineering Control Systems

I started Rot-26 Solutions LLC in 2013 to do business for my side projects, and it quickly grew into a full-time career consulting and programming web applications for my clients.

I have been applying web development professionally since 2008.


With nearly a decade of cumulative engineering experience, and as an Engineering graduate from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree, I have been exposed to a variety of engineering disciplines. I have uncovered some of my greatest passions in the field of programming reflected by my studies, professional and personal projects, and my interests with electrical and mechanical systems.


I am always striving to improve my life and the lives of those I am lucky enough to come in contact with in my brief time in this life.

I look forward to the opportunities and challenges I will face everyday. I am always happy to hear from colleagues, similar enthusiasts, and new people, so please feel free to chat with me!

I am currently available for freelance work.

I can offer per-project pricing or bill on a simple hourly basis.

Please contact me so we can discuss your needs. I have an expanding network of developers that might be able to better assit you.

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